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Selasa, 11 Oktober 2016

Galaxy S8 will be a major change without the Home key in front of all the screen

Galaxy S8 will be a major change without the Home key in front of all the screen - welcome friends, how are you today? ... hopefully healthy ... starting today blog King Gadget will discuss trus information about the latest gadgets and old ones, ok now we will discuss first Galaxy S8 will be a major change without the Home key in front of all the screen this information we collect from various reliable sources so that you will get complete and correct information, please read.

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Galaxy S8 will be a major change without the Home key in front of all the screen

[Abstract] Without the Home button, the front of the phone without any borders, all the screen, the introduction of dual cameras, which is about to bring Galaxy S8 changes.

Samsung in the end how to prepare the cards? Industry is very interested in, the only sure thing is: Galaxy S8 will be a huge change in the hardware. Previous models used older components, but the latest news suggests that Samsung may introduce new features on S8, use the new design, these features and design have not been before, Samsung is actively looking for new components.

From the Samsung partners, electronic components industry, the news leaked, the most noteworthy is the Galaxy S8 hardware will be upgraded. In all the changes in the component, the user experience is the most obvious is completely different display.(Method to Transfer Data Contacts from Samsung to Galaxy S8)

There is no Home key

It is reported that Samsung will remove the Home button, the final button function will be implanted in the back of the glass, or the internal display. Home button can not only return to the main screen, you can also identify the fingerprint. To replace the Home function, Samsung has a variety of technologies to choose from, in the end what is unclear. The end of the Home button means that Samsung can use a new screen, the Galaxy S8 all the front into the screen, which is completely eliminate the border.

Galaxy Note 7 on the left and right is no border, in order to achieve this, Samsung enhanced the arc of the OLED screen. There is news that Samsung will Galaxy S8 upper and lower borders are also eliminated.

All the front is the screen

In order to achieve its goal, Samsung is ready to adopt a screen called "Full Screen", which will cover the front of the entire smart phone, this smart phone is not seen before. From this, smart phones will usher in a huge change. Because the S8 in front of all the screen, so it looks very simple and elegant. In addition, the screen displays pictures and video will be more clear, will have a 3D effect.

Apple's move has also attracted people's attention, the news that Apple is developing full-screen smart phone. This year in September, "New York Times" quoted Apple representative as saying next year will be launched to install full-screen iPhone, Home button will be gone forever.

Rumors can come true is not clear, Apple will launch next year, OLED iPhone, when there will be a clear answer. Apple's OLED screen is made by Samsung Display, a subsidiary of Samsung, which specializes in manufacturing displays that play a key role in full-screen displays.

Dual camera how to choose?

Galaxy S8 also may be installed rear dual camera. "Samsung is making a decision to see whether it will be a dual camera or a dual camera, and a dual camera," said a representative from the component industry.

One dual camera with two lenses, one module, two separate cameras with separate modules. One single dual camera cost is relatively low, but manufacturing is very difficult to separate the price of expensive dual cameras, but the production yield is very good.

Samsung believes that dual cameras can improve the quality of photographs. To show the depth of the photo, dual camera is a good choice, it can also make the subject more clearly, so that the background blur. Rumors that Samsung's dual-camera support 16 million pixels and 8 million pixels.

Processor upgrade

Galaxy S8 processor will be used to upgrade. The Foundry Business Team, part of Samsung's Device Solutions LSI division, is preparing to begin production of the Dragon 830 processor, which uses 10-nanometer technology, and the Galaxy S8 will install the 830 processor, the fastest Mass production will begin before the end of the year. Half of the Galaxy S8 will be installed 830, half of the installation Exynos processor.

"Qualcomm has not been able to provide chips to S6 because of its poor performance, and Qualcomm has been forced to reorganize Korea's design engineering department," said a representative from the semiconductor industry. "Why did we offer an application processor to Samsung this year? Nano Xiaolong 820 to the Samsung production, in return, Samsung agreed to install in Galaxy series Xiao Long processor.

As the manufacturing process more advanced, Xiaolong 830 processor performance will be increased, the consumption of electricity will be reduced. Which means that the life time of smart phones will be extended.

Launch time

With Galaxy Note 7 recalls growing, some believe the Galaxy S8 will come out ahead of time, as Samsung can move ahead to the next handset, selling early, rather than pinning its hopes on Galaxy Note 7.

The problem is that if Samsung is really accelerating the progress of the quality defects may occur again. In addition, Galaxy S8 hardware has changed dramatically, to be introduced in the short term is very difficult. For this reason, S8 is likely to be released in February next year, March sales, and the same as the previous model.

"As the Galaxy Note 7 ran into trouble, Samsung seemed to be turning more attention to the development of the Galaxy S8," said an industry representative.

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